Reduced time to value

By understanding the implications of your solution through the eyes of  patients, clinicians, managers and regulators  and hence your optimal positioning, Synsana saves you money through development of realistic and informed plans.

We aim to  improve the impact of your new technology enabled process, speed up market entry and help to secure the accreditation/ certifications you will need.

Justification for new finance, and support for successful execution of strategy

Synsana can validate and substantiate your financial plans, help you navigate the  buyer environment and mitigate market entry risks.


BlckB, a University of Ljubljana, Slovenia spin-off company, specialises in applied neuroscience. Your practical support and the introductions provided, helped us develop our plans to develop and validate a bio-marker for early stage Alzheimers Disease.

— Dr Luka Zevnik, Chief Product Officer, blckb

We already offer a pregnancy wearable for contraction tracking in the USA, and have now been awarded two European grants to validate a solution which will help mothers and their health professionals in Belgium, UK and other European countries to manage and reduce the risk of preterm labour.  Synsana has helped us focus on the value we can create and assisted with the grant proposal for the two year project we are now working on together.

— Julien Penders, Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Bloomlife

We plan to launch HoplàCare– an online platform to link carers and the people they look after - into the UK.

Thanks for your help in scoping the potential and identifying the implications of launching HoplàCare into the UK.

— Nicola Fratini, CEO, Caring Mate Ltd

It was a privilege to have Susie here. The coaching session was both interesting and full of learning.
It was great for the whole team to align on our goal again.



I helped OncoImmunity analysing their technical platform; suggesting another layer to their architecture and prepared a roadmap for approval by the US’ FDA and an EU CE mark. 

— Susie Wagner Bondorf

Our smart glasses for the blind will provide powerful assistive technology for totally and partially blind people. Synsana is helping us plan market entry into Spain and UK and identifying risks with associated mitigation.

— Antonio Quesada, CEO, eyesynth

"With the guidance of Jon Cohen we were able to gain a wider understanding of our key markets which informed our strategic decisions. Jon worked with us to explore some specific areas and was able to shed some useful light on some issues whilst validating our approach on others”




“We had highly complex topics and long working hours, but in my opinion the output was fantastic. We now have a stable plan not only for the horizon2020 submission, but also for the general development of the Tremitas company” 

- Tibor Zechmeister, CEO Tremitas GmbH

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