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Andrew Ruck led a team to support the P4 Digital Programme of Highlands & Islands Enterprise, including publication of a scoping study and organisation of conferences.  See more »

Susie Wagner Bondorf managed the EU procurement and contract negotiation for a national solution to manage clinical guidelines and clinical pathways .

Jon Cohen led the Synsana team which engaged leading public bodies and companies from Finland and England targeting market entry for genomics services.

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EU guidelines on assessment of the reliability of mobile health applications; a team from Synsana led the production of the draft guidelines and consultation on them. See more »

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Ana Delgado Roy developed and implemented health strategies to increase coordination and cooperation for cross-border Health Care between Spanish health services, European institutions and Member States of the Union.

Susie Wagner Bondorf led the development of a plug-in to the Danish national health portal '' providing patients access to own medical history and laboratory results. See more »

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In collaboration with European services and NHS 24 Scotland, Andrew Ruck established the Action Group on Integrated Care, European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing and the Action Plan to 2020.  See more »

Susie Wagner Bondorf prepared the business case serving as the basis for the succesful grant application for State funding of Danish 'National Patient Index' - a part of the Danish National digitisation strategy.