Synsana reduces your time to value.

We understand and help you navigate the buyer environment.

We help you see the value created for patients, for the health system and through better health outcomes (Triple Aim).

Our independent 'best in class' expertise boosts your in house capabilities.

We help you accurately identify your needs for regulatory compliance and reduce your risk of non- compliance.

We have launched and supported the growth of businesses targeting the health and social care sectors in UK and across Europe. Through this work, we are especially familiar with the market places and business models found in the following areas:

  • Assistive Technology
  • EPR’s, portals and clinical information systems
  • Imaging and radiology
  • Cloud computing / data virtualization
  • Identity Management
  • mHealth
  • Internet of Things / wearables
  • Telecommunications
  • Web and video-conferencing
  • Business Intelligence and Healthcare Analytics
  • System Integration
  • Medication compliance and pharmacy systems

Gain deeper insight into the policy, business and clinical drivers to be leveraged, and align with public policy objectives: we help you see what it will take to exceed customer expectations.

Jon Cohen helped a leading supermarket turnaround an underperforming transformation program. His robust transformation vision resulted in an enhanced service proposition enabling a central hospital to link with 200+ retail outlets. This involved gaining agreement from Board and offered the potential to deliver payback and further penetrate a niche market whilst realising significant savings.

We provide effective, de-risked plans for go to market and diversification - quicker and lower cost than in house. We help you take a realistic approach to planning time to market

Ana Delgado Roy implemented the marketing plan for Remicade© and Simponi© for the rheumatology franchise. 

Susie Wagner Bondorf led requirements specification for an “off-the-shelf” EHR for the Scandinavian market.

We help you accurately identify functionality required, and regulatory compliance needs, so reducing your risk of non- compliance

Susie Wagner Bonforf led the project to internationalise the German EHR solution “iMedOne”.

    Our advice on strategic positioning, options for diversification and possible alliances can be critical to your successful market entry: we validate your plans for mergers and acquisition

    Jean Pierre Thierry was board member, then chair of one of the largest international professional organisation in eHealth.

    Synsana team members have advised many businesses on their options for organic and inorganic growth, producing board papers to justify investment and diversification, and providing services to support successful execution of strategy.

    We provide your business with justification for new finance, providing material for your investment prospectuses and business cases and supporting successful execution of strategy

    Jon Cohen evaluated the impact of sector changes including hospital trusts outsourcing dispensing services to a competitor. He reviewed the existing market proposition and led development of a new business model to mitigate risk. The work involved a negotiated agreement with an NHS Trust and management of implementation for ensuing 18 months.  This generated an additional £5.8m revenue per annum and established platform for expansion into a further four major hospitals.

    Jon Cohen was part of a senior executive team completing successful private equity backed transactions for leading clinical outsourcing business, achieving 25% CAGR over a ten year period.

    Synsana has advised many small and larger businesses and highlights any potential for collaboration.


    Since formation, Synsana has been and is supporting business growth and European Market entry by providing business coaching and practical support to many entrepreneurs and SME's.