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Jean-Pierre Thierry was CIO of two large hospitals in the Paris region in charge of the renewal/replacement of their HIS by more advanced systems (2000-2005) and has worked for the National Agency for Hospitals in two French regions with a total population of 6.6 million.

Susie Wagner Bondorf was Head of Care and Development at a mental health centre in Denmark's capital region comprising 220 staff members and a yearly budget of 24 million €. Also leading a successful quality accreditation by ‘Joint Commission International’.

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Andrew Ruck managed a programme of work to provide technology enablement services for integrated care, used by a population of 2 million with 175 participating end-user sites.  See more »

Andrew Ruck introduced process improvements using Lean methodologies into 27 theatres across 5 sites, targeting 10 fold reductions in operation cancellations and savings in excess of £1.3M p.a.  

Ana Delgado Roy developed the business plan for the “Medical Imaging Unit for the Biomedical Research Centre of Aragon (CIBA)”. She coordinated the scientific, financial and legal aspects involved.

Susie Wagner Bondorf was in charge of  National Quality Registries at Danish National Board of Health distributing grants for operation and defining requirements for data collection and reporting.

Susie Wagner Bondorf led the development of a plug-in to the Danish national health portal 'sundhed.dk' providing patients access to own medical history and laboratory results. See more »

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Andrew Ruck prepared the business case and helped launch the Remote and Rural Health Educational Alliance (RRHEAL).  See more »

Over an 18 month period, Andrew Ruck developed the initial business case for Scottish Government and launched the Scottish Centre for Telehealth, now part of NHS 24.  See more »

Susie Wagner Bondorf prepared the business case serving as the basis for the succesful grant application for State funding of Danish 'National Patient Index' - a part of the Danish National digitisation strategy.

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Susie Wagner Bondorf managed the EU procurement and contract negotiation for a national solution to manage clinical guidelines and clinical pathways .

Jon Cohen led the Synsana team which engaged leading public bodies and companies from Finland and England targeting market entry for genomics services.