Andrew Ruck

Synsana's Managing Partner and co-founder Andrew is based in Scotland. Andrew is highly skilled in leading programs and advising on policy for the National Health Service (NHS) and the European Commission. For the past fifteen years, he has run a profitable consultancy business, gaining expertise in market entry plans, commercial due diligence, business plan execution, project review and evaluation and implementing integrated care pathways with engaged clinicians. His main focus is on actionable results for his clients, by better impact for patients, health systems and professionals. Andrew is also an EC accredited Business Coach an evaluator for Innovate UK and the European Commission,  a past Director of the Scottish Institute of Healthcare Management and a founding Director of EHTEL. 

Susie Wagner Bondorf

Synsana’s co-founder Susie is based in Denmark, and is a highly experienced consultant who has worked in this field for almost 20 years. With a clinical background as a nurse and a Master’s Degree in IT along with an eMBA, she operates at the intersection between aims and means. For many years, her main focus was Clinical Information Systems and Clinical Quality Registries, but welfare technology has become Susie’s focus over the last four years. She has worked in both private supplier and public health service organisations – at the local operational level as well as at a national political level – in the National Board of Health. She aims to provide solutions which deliver the correct information throughout the entire process of care, as well as enabling reuse of data for QA purposes. Susie is also an EC accredited Business Coach.

Jon Cohen

Jon is based in England, and is a highly experienced strategic change consultant with over 20 years of experience driving industry change, from directing start-up innovations through to £multi-million board level programs within pharmaceuticals and Health Care. His key areas of expertise include home based health and care, blending strong commercial and operational capability and experience with the professional understanding of complex regulatory issues. He has led business acquisitions and integrations as well as being responsible for developing entrepreneurial plans to implement processes and systems to help ensure compliance and safety. Jon is also an EC accredited Business Coach.

Ana Delgado Roy

Ana is based in Spain. She is specialised in Health Care management, pharmaceutical industry management as well as health law and data protection. She has eight years of experience in providing consultancy services to the public and private sector, particularly in relation to digtal Health Care. Ana provides expert services to Health Care companies and public institutions in the following areas: Health law and data protection advisory, health business/project assessment and monitoring, strategic planning and partnership, marketing, institutional relations and stakeholder management. Ana works to create alignment across multiple disciplines areas and teams. Ana is also an EC accredited Business Coach.

Jean Pierre Thierry

Jean-Pierre is based in France and has a background in medicine, public health, health economics and digital Health Care.  His experience over the last 20 years includes involvement in the public as well the private sector in both French and International organisations: he was the CIO of a number of large general hospitals and was CMO of one of the largest healthcare IT companies in Europe. He was member of the board and chair (2015-2016) of the European branch of the Health Information Management System Society and is a fellow of the program of bioinformatics of the National Library of Medicine (2006). Jean Pierre is also an EC accredited Business Coach.



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