"We need clinicians and managers to value our propositions"

We offer:

  • Alignment of solutions with evidence based clinical pathways and client business processes and workflows.

"We need additional expertise to navigate the complex (Health Care) landscapes we are targeting"

We offer:

  • Identification of health policy drivers
  • Product and programme management services
  • Interim resources to bridge short term recruitment gaps

"We need help to make an informed decision"

We offer:

  • Go to market planning
  • Channel strategies: Direct vs. indirect. Competitor landscape review
  • Procurement advice and support with tendering

"We need to mitigate market entry risks"

We offer:

  • Solution compliance and privacy impact assessment (GRPR)
  • “Use-case development” and concept testing projects

"We need additional market knowledge"

We assess the value created by solution against relevant clinical evidence and health technology assessment approaches.

We are looking to diversify through organic growth or M&A

We offer:

  • Identification of industry best practice and thought leadership for instance in relation to EU regulation and standards development (e.g. mHealth)
  • Growth strategy, associated option appraisal and board business cases
  • Market positioning assessment, and advice on diversification