Jean Pierre Thierry

Jean Pierre Thierry

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A medical doctor by training, specialized in Public Health and Health Economy,  his career is devoted to medical technology and innovation, Jean-Pierre is a seasoned expert and consultant with multifaceted experience in the public and private sectors. Key areas of expertise include: medical technology (medtech, eHealth), innovation diffusion, regulation, ethics, and sustainability of healthcare systems. Patient engagement and advocacy and Health Policy research.

Key Areas of Experience

Health Policy Research • Sustainability • Technology Assessment • International Comparisons • Ethics • Corporate Responsibility • Prospective • Health economics • Outcomes research

Digital Health

Assistance in the analysis and deployment of eHealth and telemedicine solutions at the regional and national level.

CIO of two large hospitals in the Paris region in charge of the renewal/replacement of their HIS by more advanced systems (2000-2005). Worked for the National Agency for Hospitals in two French regions with a total population of 6.6 million inhabitants.

Board Member, then Chair of HIMSS Europe, one of the largest international professional organisation in eHealth.


Contributed to numerous health technology analyses for institutions and research organizations (EU, member states).

Expertise in advanced projects in the field of medical technology, advising on the regulatory environment, social and economic perspectives (for patients and healthcare professional) and the dynamics of innovation.


Experience in business development for a major health IT international company. 

Expertise in regulatory and market access issues on behalf of patients organizations.

Health policy researcher, focusing on sustainability issues in the light of  effectiveness and efficiency of new solutions (eHealth and Medtech) incorporating an evidence-based framework.


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  • Immunothérapie : une innovation de rupture non soutenable économiquement ? publication date Dec 1, 2016 publication description Bulletin du Cancer, Vol 103 - N° 1S P. 186-192 - novembre 2016
  • Co-author of “Trop Soigner rend malade” with Claude Rambaud, Albin Michel, Paris May 2016 (in French)
  • Ethiques biomédicales et normes juridiques. Les nouveaux paradigmes de la médecine personnalisée ou de précision. Enjeux juridiques, médicaux et éthiques. Nov 26, 2014 publication description Sous la direction de Ch. Hervé et M.S. Jean. Dalloz, collection "Thèmes et commentaires", 2014
  •  A potential ‘eHealth Digital Divide’ among Developed Countries Sep 16, 2013. European Journal of ePractice

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