"To improve our services, we need to release the potential of new, next generation technology"

We offer practical support and insight into state of the art technology and process optimisation possibilities using:   mHealth, Real world evidence/big data/cloud/health analytics, Wearables/IOT, conferencing and scheduling solutions, system integration and interoperability, EPRs, portals, Imaging, Telehealth, Assistive technology

"We need extra capacity to introduce new workflows and processes to support digital transformation"

We offer programme design and management including ervice transformation design including people, clinical process and workflow reviews.

"We need help to create, scope and de-risk new service launches and then assess impact"

We offer option appraisal, business case development including impact measurement and assessment (e.g. regulatory compliance, information governance, and privacy)

"We do not get the best out of our suppliers"

We offer:

  • Solution specification and procurement support